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Terms & Conditions

I. Please read this page carefully. These terms and conditions constitute the legal documentation to ensure that a legally binding contract is in place between (AddMeFast) and you.

Your legal agreement with consists of these Terms and
Conditions, the Privacy Policy and the guide that you see below:

We supply the services as referred to on ('our site') to you. You must understand that when joining our site and by ordering any of our services, you agree to be bound by these Terms. We recommend that you print and save a copy of the Terms and Conditions.

II. Our services & contract information

There are a few simple steps that you need to be aware of before you use our services:

1. Before you can use our Services you need to register (for free) on our site. On registration you may provide a email and password, keep this safe at all times and do not disclose it to anybody;
2. You may only register if you fulfill the necessary in your home country or access minimum age for the conclusion of contracts.
3. Once you have submitted your registration request you will receive an e-mail from us (if your email is valid) acknowledging that we have received your personal information and setting out your account status.
4. Our Services are listed on our site. If you wish to order our Services then you must follow the instructions on our site to order our Services. Your order constitutes an offer to us to subscribe to our Services. We provide PPC for social media marketing. There are options to get one-time packet or buy subscription for 7 days period. Purchased PPC or subscription will be delivered immediatelly after checkng all the payment details (usually it takes 5-30 minutes).
5. The contract between us (Contract) will only be formed when we send you the confirmation email. The Contract will relate only to those Services we have confirmed in the confirmation email. We will not be obliged to supply any other Services which may have been part of your order until the supply of the Services has been confirmed in a separate confirmation email.
6. When using addmefast you agree to obey all the rules of the Website. You acknowledge that these rules may change over time and that you will obey their most current form. We want to make special mention of the following rules:

You must not buy or sell addmefast accounts.
You must not collect free points without promoting any single link.
You must not let others to get points for you.
You must not create multiple accounts.
You must not try to buy points using credit cards and payment accounts of others, and do suspicious payment attempts.
You must not buy or sell points from an external party.
You must not use macros, bots, auto-clickers, or external scripts on the Website.
You must not unfollow then follow, unlike then like, unsubscribe then subscribe, unpin then repin other's account, pages, groups, pins and etc.
You must not post content that: is hateful, threatening, adult (18+) or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.
You must not engage in unlawful multi-level marketing, such as a pyramid scheme, on AddMeFast
You must not upload viruses or other malicious code.
You must not use AddMeFast to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory.
You must not do anything that could disable, overburden, or impair the proper working of AddMeFast, such as a denial of service attack.
You must not facilitate or encourage any violations of this Statement.
You must not do spam, fuzzing, scam or attacks such as (xss, Injection Attacks, ddos and etc.) - In this case Your IP or IP range will be blocked trougth Cloudflare service.
You must not harm our system by refreshing/reloading web pages too often or clicking the "skip" button regularly.

If we disable your account, you must not create another one.

7. Interpersonal Relations: AddMeFast administrators have all the rights to restrict or even block users who have behaved impolitely and have violations (any type of violation of the rights of others - graphic or in text form) over other users or moderators/agents/admins.

Forbidden content in any of sections on addmefast:

  •  Hateful content (text, graphic)
  •  Content containing threatening in any form
  •  Adult (18+) or pornographic or nudity graphics
  •  Content incites violence
  •  Gratuitous violence
  •  Competitor project links or names
  •  About selling likes, followers, views, subscribers and etc.
  •  Fraudulent contests and sales
  •  Short links, or links containing referrer hiding
  •  Any CPA links
  •  "under construction" or "coming soon", or empty/few content websites
  •  Any allowed content with geographical and/or demographic restriction
  •  iFrame breaking websites
  •  Any content containing viruses, spam or other content that can harm user's device system
  •  Websites which automatically opening popups

9. P2P tasks

The user creating a P2P Task is solely responsible for what is requested. It is important to describe in detail what you want to achieve and ask the user to provide convincing proof of completing the task.

  • P2P Tasks created using AMF Tokens must be verified by the task owner within 24 hours, after which it will be given auto-completion even if it is not completed. Therefore, be sure to check all the proofs yourself manually within a given period of time.
  • P2P Tasks added using addmefast points will in most cases be reviewed manually by our admins, and in some cases they will be reviewed automatically by our bots.

AddMeFast assumes no other responsibility for the completion of tasks.

You agree that you (both AddMeFast as well as any third party) for any and all activities that occur under your user account are solely responsible.

IV. Cancellation & Refund Policy
Cancellation Policy believes in helping its customers as far as possible, and has therefore a liberal cancellation policy. Under this policy:
• Cancellations will be considered only if the request is made within 24 hours of placing an order.
• does not accept cancellation requests for items(points) that you are already used.
• In case you feel that the product received is not as shown on the site or as per your expectations, you must bring it to the notice of our support service within 24 hours of receiving the product. The Support Team after looking into your complaint will take an appropriate decision.

Refund Policy
When you buy our products/services, your purchase is covered by our 1-day money-back guarantee (except orders made in AMF Tokens or any other Crypto). If you are, for any reason, not entirely happy with your purchase and/or haven't used all purchased points, we will cheerfully issue a full refund (except orders made in AMF Tokens or in any other Crypto). To request a refund, simply contact us with your purchase details within one (1) day of your purchase. Please include your order number (sent to you via email after ordering) and optionally tell us why you’re requesting a refund – we take customer feedback very seriously and use it to constantly improve our products and quality of service. Refunds are not being provided for services that you aready have used, because our network fill your account balance (adding points) immediately after purchase done, and for the orders made in AMF Tokens or any other Crypto. Refunds are being processed within 7 days period.

V. This service contains hyperlinks to other websites that are not or controlled by We have no control and take no responsibility for the content, privacy policy, advertising, security or gaps or any activities other websites.

VI. You acknowledge and agree that you may be exposed to content while using the services offered, which are inaccurate, offensive, indecent or factual basis for any other reason can be perceived by you as a nuisance. You hereby waive any and all rights and remedies, you might be entitled in respect of such content over

VII. assumes no responsibility for displayed on this website and not from addmefast posted content, which directly offend against these Terms and Conditions or the law. This applies in particular to linked content from other sites and content that are displayed on as a thumbnail or in a similar manner.

VIII. is not responsible for any closures of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, VKontakte, Instagram, Telegram, Pinterest, Reverbnation, TikTok, Reddit, Twitch, Likee, or SoundCloud accounts of our users by the operators of the site also no liability. You are reminded that other social networking sites could be of the opinion that the benefit of the services of addmefast contrary to their own terms and conditions. We shall take all possible precautions to us to prevent such violations and to protect our customers, but provide no protection against the actions of the operators of other online platforms (eg deletion of the account).

IX. If sections or individual formulations of this text are not, no longer or not completely correspond to the remaining parts of the document remain unaffected in their content and validity.

X. The provisions remain in effect until terminated by you or If you want to terminate your legal agreement with, you can do so at any time by notice to or the closure of your account with the appropriate icon reach.

XI. By clicking "Agree", you give us the right to send you newsletters from addmefast domain email addresses only about AddMeFast news and offers. To turn it off, just go to Your AddMeFast profile page, scroll down and turn off email notifications.

Anyone found to be breaking any of these will be removed from AddMeFast permanently or will be restricted from using some functions.

Please understand that if you refuse to accept these Terms, you will not be able to use this site or our services.

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