⚠️ The AddMeFast and AMF Token logos/icons are some of our most recognized global assets. It is used to represent the AddMeFast.com platform and the AMF Token. Our logos/icons are primarily used to create promotional materials or to review our services/products on social media.
If you use AddMeFast or AMF Token logos/icons in digital advertising or printed packaging, you must submit your creative to the AddMeFast or AMF Token team for review before launch.
Our logos/icons must always represent AddMeFast.com or AMF Tokens and may not be used in any other way.
AddMeFast Square Logo
Dimensions: 2261 ×  2304px | Size: 94KB
AddMeFast Logo
Dimensions: 4914  ×  1252px | Size: 94KB
AddMeFast Icon
Dimensions: 479 × 330px | Size: 12KB
AMF Token Logo/Icon
Dimensions: 4188 × 4187px | Size: 258KB
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