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AddMeFast Launches NEW Cryptocurrency the Entire World Needs NOW
Easily Exchange Your AddMeFast Points for Valuable AMF Tokens - Do This TODAY Before Value Skyrockets
The world is rapidly transitioning to borderless cryptocurrency. Millions of people in countless countries now prefer to buy, pay, and invest in smart crypto that keeps their identity private and secure.
AddMeFast has made our new AMF Tokens extremely EASY to buy and use.
Tokens will rapidly increase in value as they are hotly promoted on social media, via email, and many other channels. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of what may become an historic investment opportunity.
It's Easy to Get Started
Exchange your existing AddMeFast points for AMF Tokens - the future for all transactions with complete privacy and zero footprint. Our team of highly experienced technical experts have developed the ultimate cuttingedge cypto platform based on respected Binance Smart Chain. This guarantees smooth, reliable operation with a number of innovative improvements.
AMF Tokens enjoy high cross compatibility, interoperability, and fast adoption rates that are already putting us ahead of other tokens. Don't have AddMeFast points or don't want to spend your points? No problem. We make it easy to purchase AMF Tokens without using points.
AddMeFast Members
Trade your AddMeFast points for AMF Tokens if you have more than 9,452 points. This may be ideal if you registered at some time ago or PAID to buy points.
Get Your Wallet
You need to have a crypto wallet such as those available at Metamask, TrustWallet, or the other wallet provider of your choice.
 Add AMF Tokens to MetaMask
Connect Your Wallet
Connect your wallet to Binance Smart Chain Mainnet (BEP20). See our ▶ Video guide for clear instructions on how to do this.
You can manually ▶ add AMF Token during this exclusive per-release phase.
 Add BSC Network to MetaMask
AMF Token contract address is:
0xeecd101725b89b66f3e04f953ae0bb647c23fb8d explore
Use DEX (Decentralized Exchange) to get AMF token
Alternatively you can use Pancakeswap DEX to get your token. Pancakeswap is a decentralized exchange built on Binance Smart Chain with the 19M unique users and with $1.9B total daily trade volume. It is currently number one DEX.
The process is very simple. You need to follow this link to add AMF Token in the currency and connect your wallet. Trade the BNB to AMF Token with only one click.
Get AMF Token Now
For Best Results - Store AMF Tokens...and wait!
As an AddMeFast member you're getting in on the very beginning of AMF Token's exciting debut. The vast crypto investment community is just now learning and talking about this important new currency.
The value of AMT Tokens is practically guaranteed to rise significantly over the next weeks. For best investment results, store your tokens for a couple of months at the current price in its lowest position. You could be one of the highly successful early investors everyone talks about.
You Know This is HOT - Share It With Friends
Let's not keep the good news to ourselves. The more people hear about AMF Tokens, the more valuable they become. Please share this with all your social media friends and followers. This train is leaving the station. Make sure everyone you know is on it for massive excitement and potential earnings.
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