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AMF Staking
Earn daily interest ($AMF Tokens) for a limited period of time by ordering one of the Staking packages.
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AMF Tokens by AddMeFast
NEW AMF Staking
Stake AMF to earn more
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#4  16,000 AMF  ≈ $100
[You will also receive 40,000 POINTS locked]
Package PriceThis amount will not be refunded after the end of the staking period as this is the price for staking package. For this amount You will receive points and the opportunity to earn daily interest.
16,000 AMF
Daily InterestYou will receive this percentage of the Package Price daily into your AddMeFast AMF Token balance. Then you need to withdraw them to your BSC wallet.
Daily Earnings
320 AMF
Total EarningsYou will get your Total Earnings divided to daily earnings. It will be 120% of package price.
19,200 AMF
Staking Duration
60 days
Locked PointsAt "Points Unlock Date", points will be unlocked and added to your AddMeFast points balance. You can use them for the SMM on AddMeFast or sell them at P2P Trade section.
40,000 points
Points ValueVery approximate current value of "Locked Points" in the P2P Trade section.
2,400 AMF
Points Unlock Date
Apr 21 2024

Estimated IncomeYou see the maximum estimated amount of "Total Earnings" and "Points Value" in AMF Tokens that you will receive during the staking period (Daily Earnings) and at the end of the staking period in the form of unlocked points (Points Value). The USD amount is an estimate and may change in the future due to the price of the AMF Token and the price of points in the P2P Trade section.
21,600 AMF ≈ $145
⚠ To perform this operation, you must first log in.
✔️ The price of the AMF Staking package is simply the price for participation - entry fee.
✔️ You will receive your total income divided by your daily earnings. This will be 120% of the price of the AMF Staking package.
✔️ You will pay the price of the AMF Staking package from your BSC wallet (e-wallet).

❗️The price of the AMF Staking package will not be added to earnings or income in any form.
❗️The AMF Staking Package price cannot be refunded or changed as it is in fact an entry fee.
❗️The AMF Staking cannot be stopped, paused, canceled or changed.

❗️If you use your AMF Tokens for staking from the BSC wallet where you hold AMF for Airdrop Group 2, your AMF token balance will be changed and you will experience one of the following situations:
- loss of position in Airdrop Group 2
- loss of participation in Airdrop Group 2
- change of AddMeFast user status

✔️That's why we still STRONGLY SUGGEST you all to get additional AMF Tokens at a low price right now to use for AMF staking.
How it works?

You can choose one of the Staking Packages by paying the Package Price in AMF tokens. Packages start from 2,000 AMF (≈ $10) [3,000 points] to 492,000 AMF (≈ $2,000) [1,300,000 points]
Thus, by purchasing a staking package, you receive locked points and the opportunity to receive daily earnings in AMF tokens to your AddMeFast balance (currently 2% of the package price). This means that you receive 120% of the staking price.
You can withdraw AMF Tokens at any time once the minimum withdrawal amount is reached.
You will automatically receive the locked points into your AddMeFast points balance after the end of the staking period. You can use them for SMM on AddMeFast or sell them in the P2P Trade section.
The staking period is fixed (currently: 60 days). The staking cannot be stopped, canceled or changed.

Let's say you bought Package #4 for 25,000 AMF (≈ $100).
You will get 40,000 locked points.

Once you start staking, every 24 hours you receive 2% of 25,000 AMF tokens = 500 AMF tokens.
In 60 days this will be 60 x 500 = 30,000 AMF tokens.
So you paid 25,000 AMF tokens and received 30,000 AMF tokens.

You can also sell your locked points at the end of the staking period if you don't want to use them for SMM on AddMeFast.
The current price of 1 point is 0.06 AMF in the P2P Trade section. This means that if you sell points on P2P Trade, you will receive an additional 2,400 AMF tokens.
In total you will receive 30,000 + 2,400 = 32,400 AMF tokens.
This is about 130% of the staking package price.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
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